Bullitt Cargo bike.

Of course the bike is odd in its shape but also for the fact that it carries a dog on the front. Max, during his last trip to Scotland, became a celebrity in his own right. Cars would pull up along side us and the cameras would poke out taking his picture. Others would pull in and take action shots as we passed. There must be hundreds of photographs of Max on the front of the Bluebird (name of the bike) all over the UK and beyond. I know for a fact that 30+ German tourists took multiable shots of us on the Glen Coe in Scotland. To hell with fantastic mountains, look at these two on the weird bike. Well, the bike has just got even more weird because I have attempted to fit an engine on the cargo area with a chain connected directly to the pedals. The reason for this? To get me up the mountains in Europe. At the moment I can not get the engine to even start, but when I do I will then find out if all the thought and engineering has paid off and the Bluebird can take on the worse climbs that Europe can throw at it and me. When I work out how to put photographs on this site, I will add a few from my Scotland adventure.


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