My court case against Exeter College

Without going into the details of the discrimination and blatant liable I suffered at their hands, I am in the process of taking the college to court. Today I received and invitation to meet with their upper official to talk the matter over and save them the costs of legal representation. I have agreed to meet with them but am torn. Do I stand up for what is right and show how they treat disabled people, or do I take a cash payout? If I go to court I could do both. But I am planning this cycle trip abroad and you know how it goes, the court date will mean I will have to come back on my bicycle and ruin my adventure. You can just put money on it. I guess it depends on what they want to offer me as a settlement. The stories I could tell about the management idiots that run the college. The tutors are great, it is, as always, management that foul the works. When you compare Exeter College against Marjon University the difference is staggering. Will keep everyone posted on the conversation.


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