The Big Take-down.

It began today, the Big Take-down, where my trusty chainsaw was brought back into service after two years of not being used. The idea was to use it to begin to cut up the timber roof garden with the help of Mark and Tif. Unfortunately, my trusty chainsaw had other ideas and after twenty minutes of trying to get it to work, it sprang to life, only to quit fifteen minutes later. This teasing was repeated throughout the day until it finally refused to spring back to life one more time. Even threatening it with the lump hammer did nothing to change its mind. Have no idea why it is being so stubborn. Half the joists have been removed but the rest of the structure is still in place. Mark has promised a host of hairy builder friends to help us and they will descend upon the vessel on Saturday, and like Biblical locus, devouring the remaining structure with ease. I get the feeling the Barge is resisting our efforts, perhaps it does not like Plymouth.



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