EO Cometh

750x1000 EO Cometh Episode 1
Cover to EO Cometh

I am very excited about this story. It began back in 2011-2012 when I became hooked on zombies. My kids were all preparing their homes with swords and bows ready for when the undead would lumber up their respected streets. Bug-out bags were at the ready and they practiced the art of staying clear on the brain-eating undead by attending zombie-runs in various city centres. A zombie-run is where you pay to be a civilian and then be chased through a designed course by people dressed up as zombies. It is basically a game of hit for adults. This said, it is utterly terrifying for those taking part. So, with all this going on, and the TV series the Walking Dead filling my waking hours, I began to think of zombies in my city of Exeter. This is when the story When they Wake came into existence. This story was deeply researched because I was more interested in the social breakdown of society than in writing about zombies gnawing on bones. The tale became huge because there were too many character stories that needed to be told to be able to explain the whole plot. When they Wake morphed into EO Cometh – a series of novellas of 30,000 words each that follow the lives of various important characters living around the world as the end comes about. I think it will be probably the best zombie story that has ever been told. Why is that? It is because EO Cometh has a credible explanation for the existence of zombies other than stating it is some virus or an act of God. Even my zombies are different from the normal ones and as I explain the concept to hardened zombie enthusiasts I watch them gasp and ask lots of questions with morbid enthusiasm.

Two novellas are on Amazon at the moment but more are soon to follow. These are written for fun, but even as I write these words I know that it is not fun, it is very serious plotting. The books could so easily become the next TV series to follow Walking Dead.


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