HP Stream 7 tablet.

Finally it arrived today. I was so excited. But on unwrapping it  the machine appeared used and not with any books. The start-up was not right either and when I attempted to connect to the internet – the sole purpose of the tablet – it refused to do so. Two hours of trying to work it out led me to contact the seller who admitted he had opened the box and installed windows 10 over the original windows 8. Wifi had disappeared in the process. Since the point of the tablet is its light weight and its use of windows so I can download my favourite writing program, Scrivener, which I could not download because there was no wifi – deep breath…. He suggested he went away and search the net what to do. When I came back I restarted the machine and wifi appeared. Then it would not detect my router. Everyone else it could find, but not mine. All my other stuff was finding the router. More hours of work for nothing. He suggested putting the machine through a reset. The machine did this and then froze. I have told him I am going to send it back and expect to be paid for the postage and packing. Now I have to find another one!!! Why can’t people sell stuff without lying, this was sold to me as NEW. He opened the box, left out the instructions and messed the whole machine up. When is that – NEW? I bought new, not slightly new!


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