One tablet leaves and another is ordered

The HP Stream 7 locked itself and would not work at all. So this morning that went back with a message asking for the postage I have had to pay to be added to my refund. The machine should never have been sold as new, but we will see if the guy will do the right thing and pay for its return.

On the other hand I have had to search for a new Stream 7 but the more I look the more I am put off by messages of their inability to connect to wifi. But the HP notebook I have has been bashed and smashed but refuses to die – it is just too heavy to take touring again. So I had a look at the HP Stream 11, a small notebook of 1.13kg. But then I spotted the 10.1″ HP tablet, the Elite. Usually going for anything between £700-£1000 and found one on ebay, used but immaculate going for £140. It even has a slot to put a sim card in so I can download right onto the net without having to find a wifi café. Plus it weighs 0.7kg. Perfect solution. Greater power, longer battery life and so light it is a third of my current HP. So I bought it. Now I can blog and write my novels and travel book on the go.



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