Drive chain to Bullitt has problems.

Because the Stanton gearbox turns anti-clockwise and the chainrings of the pedals turn clockwise this means that the connecting chain has to do a figure of 8. This also means that as one part of the chain is going down it will be touching the other end – coming up! So pulleys have to be put to keep them from touching. But no one makes such a thing because no one has designed anything like this before. Why have they not designed it? Because most bikes have a front wheel where my engine is and that is because the Bullitt is a cargo bike and has a flat-bed in front of the handle bars. So now I have to design and make twin pulleys from what I can find. I have a solution to this but the fixing of the two pulleys is the you next problem. Now it could easily be done by drilling through the lower frame of the bike. But if the engine fails to get me up a hill and I scrap the whole project then I am left with a hole in my frame that I do not want. Clamping may be the answer if  I can construct something but it will not look that attractive. I think courage is needed because I am left with either going for it or not. Dave, the mechanic at DJP motors, believes the engine could take me up hills without pedalling but I am not sure either of us have seen the kind of hills I have to face. I think drilling may be the only answer to find out if the whole rig can stand up to the strains that are about to be placed upon it. Doing half a job could mean failure during the testing stage. So it looks like the Bullitt is going to be drilled. Goodness knows what the locals are going to think of me. Some mad professor on a wierd bike with a savage dog and an engine purring away till we reach the hills of Haldon – then it is anyones guess what will happen.


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