The Bullitt bicycle gets an engine.

The first photo shows the side of a 35cc Robin engine with pull cord. Had to drill and new exit hole for the cord so I can pull it and start the engine while cycling. The next photo is from the other side of the bike and shows the Stanton gearbox, reduction of 18:1. The next is me pointing at the Stanton and the cog which will drive the bike via a bike chain. The fourth is of the two chainrings on my pedals. The 36 tooth inner goes to my back wheel, while the 56 tooth outer will be connected to the Stanton. DJP motors sorted out the little engine after I had decided to take it apart to clean it – and messed it up. Now the engine has been tuned and runs better. Expert advice believes the engine could propel the bike up hill on its own because it is running through the hub gear. Once the chain is on the testing will see for sure. Only problem now is that the chain has to complete a figure of 8 because the drive on the Stanton is opposite to that of the chainring. The fun and games we have when trying to do something unheard of. If my day is clear tomorrow, will put on the chain, start her up and see what snags, flys off or generally blows up before I sit on it and take this mean machine onto public roads!


One thought on “The Bullitt bicycle gets an engine.

  1. Well done for designing this prototype all on your own! You and Max will love taking around the world!

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