The Honda C110 or othrwise known in Australia as the Postie Bike.

In the UK we can only get the C90.


This one pictured above is packed up for a nice camping holiday.

In Asia they have the C110, with the 110cc engine. If you don’t know, the Honda C-range is the best selling motorcycle in the history of bikes. The whole of Honda’s global market was built on its success. In Australia, the postal service needed a delivery bike that was cheap to run, was tough enough to take on long distances and with mud and sand and rocks thrown in, and was reliable. Along came the C110 which became known as a Postie Bike.


Brits have been travelling to Oz to buy up these bikes second hand – can only buy them from the post office as Honda will not supply them new – and then riding them back over the world to UK. This guy is on ytube and has made many videos of his rebuilding two C110’s, one for him and one for his wife.


This shot shows his red postie now black and with aluminium frames of luggage added.


This shot gives you the idea of the scale of the bike compared to a rider.

Going around the world on a £15,700 BMW GS? Look at Ed March on his £150 Honda C90, also found on ytube. Ed bike cost £70 less than the BMW top box to go on the back of the GS.


Some countries are tough going.



Check out C90advetures and you’ll find his interesting videos there.

My idea is that when I am too old to cycle I will use a small Honda, it appears to cope well with deserts, mountains and snow.


Just load up that postie.


postie overload

postie loaded

Because the engine is so low down the centre of gravity coupled with very low weight makes this bike easy to get over sand. Or fit a trailer for the luggage, wife, dog.



Or a neat little teardrop dog carrier?


Even a side car!

So I have put an offer down on this Cub Cross. The only one currently in the UK.


The plan is not to use it yet but get all the aluminium framework for luggage constructed with my TIG welder ready for the big push after I have finished with Europe.clubcross1

That is Max on the back and the lines are some form of clever framework. I think this is going to be so cool. Else I may end up looking like this guy on a cargo bike.


Which is not far from the truth to be honest.

So with my C110 – if I get it – I will be ready to take on the world. Ed had to have his engine rebuilt, but it only cost £28 in Asia. £10 for a piston. Chain is sealed inside a nice, oil bath back cover. The engine is held in by two bolts and can be lifted out and placed on a picnic table for a pull overall while cooking tea.




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