Testing the HP Stream 7

Blah blah blah. Yes, testing the new kit ready for the trip. With real life conditions, ie a bacon bap, a cup of coffee and free wifi, will I be able to update my blog? The answer appears to be yes. Need to hear some good news today. Mark Tam just phoned to say that he is taking the Barge this Thursday but the yobs have already broken into the Barge already. One day of sun and the scum of Exeter descend upon the only boat worth attacking. The sooner it goes to Plymouth the safer she will be. Why is it that vermin scumbags get away with attacking boats in full view of hundreds of walkers, cyclists rowers and canoeists and not one of them calls the police? That is why Exeter is a lost cause to humanity. No one cares, everyone is out for themselves. It is scum eat scum in Exeter – a place where I was born and lived most of my life. So sad that the city is such a lost cause.


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