The Bullitt engine sarga continues.

Surely not?

Yep. Graham, the engineer came to look a the pulley system and shook his head. Belts break and suffer from heat and dust, two elements I will be meeting in abundance. Dave Parr – of DJP Motors, Starcross found that to have one belt made was around £150. Graham stated that a single loop of chain will not make the noise presented by a figure of 8 and is easily – a cheaply – replaced compared to the £150 belt idea. No argument there. So the new idea? Turn the engine around, stay with the chain and make a new chainring system using the old chainrings already fitted. A bit of fabrication and presto, a perfectly working motorized bicycle. Cheating? Hell yes. Call it a moped with pedals. I pedal everywhere but the steep hills and mountains turns the Bullitt into a tiny moped. Work starts on the 21st of May.


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