Next stage reached in Barge move.


The Barge has been at Turf locks for a few days. Mark and Ian have enjoyed having the pub next door and the supplies of food and tobacco brought in myself, the tobacco bought my Valerie, my ex-wife, to keep these heroes on the go.13226656_1290920957604484_975944551685327922_n

The lads had the woodburner going, pictured between me and Mark and with the kettle I brought we got a cuppa going. Mark has been working hardwith Ian in the engine room putting together cables left on the boat for power. Apparently, according to Ian, old video tapes are good for starting fires! Cling Eastwood in The Line of Fire was aptly used to start this one. Nice to see that my old compass table was being put to good use.

Ian fought in the Falklands  as a Royal Marine and spent most of the remainder of his life as a fisherman telling tales of Barry the Bastard, amongst other characters. Had me laughing for almost an hour. Mark is a trained pianist as well. So much talent.


Ian is here demonstrating how a wood burner can be used to warm the pasties along with drying boots and socks. You can’t beat a rustic-get-on-with-it attitude.

ian and mark

The pair started just before dawn but it was not to be all smooth sailing for our intrepid duo.


Mark on the Barge on the way down the estuary. I believe the arrow must be showing the spot where they ended up running aground on Bull Bank.


Barge now on the sand. An island all to themselves in the Exe. Hull looks pretty good and Mark reported it all looks sound. They should be floating again by 6pm tonight and then tied to a buoy awaiting the Coast Guard to stop pushing rules and paper into the path of the project.

But Mark being Mark, he found local shell fish and with the aid of Ian trusty fire making abilities got a good meal on the go ready for tonight’s high tide.




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