Engine saga reaches new heights.

The figure of 8 chain drive was too loud. So the engine has been turned around, the gearbox sorted, new linkages put in and then came the new fabrication for a left hand chainring to take the power from the engine. No fabrication has taken place, hence why I am still in the UK. This was not the only reason. I have a host of admin to get through along with payments due to me bouncing three times! But now the payment has been made.


So the engine is on the port side. Have a smaller gearbox sprocket coming from America which should mean my legs are turning less. Sourcing tandem parts to make the drive-train and at the moment it looks like it will all work for £160. The fabrication idea did not pan-out as the engineer wanted to weld the chainring to the outside of the crank which I pointed out would mean my foot would hit the chains. Luckily that day I had thought of something else so had a card up my sleeve.


You can see the little 35cc engine with gearbox to the port side and white plastic fuel tank of .5 of a litre to starboard.


Shot of the gearbox. The chain is just resting on top. Gearbox is fitted to a 4×2 aluminium box tube bolt via rubber suspension to the bike’s frame with stainless bolts. The suspension really works well.


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