Honda Cross Cub 110cc

The Honda C90 is now selling for £2,500 on Ebay. Who would have thought it. Honda has made a new one with a fuel injected engine and beefed it up to the standard 110cc that Asians have in all their bikes. The Cross Cub, like the Auzzie Postie Bike, is an icon. London Motors have imported one with 400 miles. You can’t get a new one – probably EU laws? Anyway, I am phoning on Monday to buy it. In the next few years I will be fitting it out for a world tour.


Max has to go too. So latest idea is to buy an industrial plastic crate 600x400x300 LxWxH and fit panniers to the back and even make a short stubby trailer for other stuff. You can get racks to fit the front forks for extra luggage. These bikes are light, easy to fix and have been everywhere carrying huge loads.


Max on the back. Going to fit in electrics to charge my phone, computer, kindle, psp. November 2018 is the off date. Sell everything. Have a party and then shake the dust of the UK off and head toward the dawn sun. Raaaataaataaataa.


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