It is with great joy, and a sigh of relief, that the book is now on Amazon. I decided to create a series of travel books with the title, Getting 2. In this way I can make my own brand for my future travels. No idea if future travels will exist but you have to start somewhere.

Getting 2 Jessica’s Wedding is now on Amazon Kindle. Lots of photos. Lots of words. Lots of truth. You can go on the Amazon site and look at the beginning pages for free.

kindle cover

I have just got to add my admiration for my dog Max for his fortitude in completing the trip, but also the star of the show, the little Honda scooter. What a tough machine.

Where are we going next? Getting 2 the Artic Circle and beyond. This trip will hopefully set off this May as we head to the northern tip of Norway and Russia. Max is coming too.


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