Who is David W May?


I am a writer. Have I been published? Sort of. I was paid £14 for a short story back in 1982 but since then nothing. But isn’t that a common story? At the age of 55 I decided that I should follow up a dream I have carried for years and that is to go to Uni and get educated. So I followed this up by gaining my Access Course diploma and then going on to Marjon Uni at Plymouth, Devon, UK, to study Creative Writing. By the end of my first year I was asked by the Uni if they could use my first story into their publication to advertise Marjon’s ability to produce writers. I was really proud of that fact. So that means I have been published twice I guess.
But what does David want to do in these last years? He wants to write stories but also write travel blogs. Being a keen cyclist he intends this year (2016) to cycle route 1 in France, then Spain and then Italy. So here I am, scared to death of this forthcoming adventure but ready to record it all for your enjoyment and education. It will all be going onto this blog and then compiled to form a travel guide with photos and maps for a book that you can purchase on Amazon Kindle. If you don’t own a kindle, buy one. I have 200+ books on mine. A brilliant bit of kit.
So – who am I? I don’t know, but in the next year I intend to find out – and if you are reading this, so will you.